On an average to operate as a small business you will be needing an Accounting software, HRMS software, Payroll and Timesheet and to make the above 4 happen you will be spending on each system on an average of $50 per month with restricted features options. And as you grow the monthly fee also grows. This is the main reason why Small Business owners are not wanting to get into using automated software and still depending on the manual type of work which involves paper work and creating and maintaining worksheet and which also takes their precious time.

This made us think in the perspective of a Small Business view and ended up changing our primary focus to a product which will have all these features and for any small business owner, we wanted our product to be a one stop platform which will reach them as a confidence partner in their business and help in their day to day activities and to make them understand their business in better way with more precise information. And to cover that gap OfficeBAU was created with lots of in depth analysis with many quality features and more importantly for affordable price.

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