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Terms and Conditions

OfficeBAU’s conditions have the following consequences:

  • Any error in the software (e.g. wrong arithmetic error, tax calculation, loss of data, etc.) is your problem. Worse than that, it is your responsibility to verify that the software works correctly (that is, you need to make sure it stores the information you give it reliably and calculates all results without error).
  • If you breach the agreement, they can remove access to your data. Although they do say the data is yours, it is just that you can’t have access to it.
  • OfficeBAU have no obligation to maintain your data – OfficeBAU expressly says it is up to you to maintain your data and backups (not them).
  • If OfficeBAU has to close for any reason, you lose all access to your data (there is no right for you to recover your data). Oh, and if you close you (and your accountant, insolvency lawyer, etc.) may lose access to all data.
  • If the service does not work as advertised – your problem.
  • If OfficeBAU is negligent – your problem.
  • If OfficeBAU has an outage for any reason (e.g. just before tax returns are due in when the load is heaviest) – your problem.

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